Design: Metrica

A single place where you can do anything you please, without having to move a single step. Read, watch a film, listen to music, make phone calls, work, talk to family and friends, play, celebrate, eat, drink, relax . . . Pilotis is just such a place, where all of life comes together. The centre of your home — and also the focal point in the room. Stately sitting: not at all. Pilotis wants to be inhabited. And you can choose from four different seating and lying elements. Enjoy playing with various combinations of tables and shelves. >> more information


Design: team form ag

Seating element, backrest and corner-rest. Trio comprises just these three simple elements, which offer an almost endless range of combinations — in just a few moves. Remove the corner-rest and you have a cool recamier. Take away the corner-rest and the backrest, and the result is a wonderfully spacious sofa bed. Add a couple of stools and you have a comfortable reclining area, perfect for lolling around on a lazy Sunday. >> to the product

Cordia Lounge

Design: Jehs & Laub

The Cordia family now has an extra member in its exceptionally cosy easy chair, featuring a voluminous down cushion in a smooth, thin shell. A special feature is the folded fabric on the armrests. On a polished or lacquered swivel base, Cordia Lounge stands with its four feet firmly on the ground. Cushions and shell are available in fabric or leather, or acombination of both. The lounge aspect of the new family member comes not least from its built-in tilting mechanism. >> more information


Design: Jehs & Laub

Mell has now found its way into the living room as a small suite. Adopted from the elegant Mell easy chair, the high back and armrests give the sofa a flowing momentum. Mell has a tidy appearance, but not at the expense of comfort. The loose cushions in fabric or leather lend Mell — available in three different lengths — a certain nonchalance. The accompanying stool accommodates tired feet in the evening just as well as it does a tea tray on a lazy Sunday afternoon. >> more information


Design: kräling_lübke

One tabletop, four legs, an uncluttered appearance. The solid wood table Delta comes without any extra paraphernalia, leaving its owner with plenty of space for their own. Family and friends will feel at home around Delta, as will almost any of the COR chairs. How about Fino, Jalis or Roc, for example? Delta itself impresses with perfect craftsmanship and highquality materials. It is available in ash, oak or walnut, in lengths from 180 to 280 cm and also as a 120 cm diameter round table. >> more information


Design: Jehs & Laub

With Elm’s perfectly matching shelving, your laptop, glass of red wine and Swedish crime novel are always within easy reach. So you can stay right where you are. The wood, surfaces and dimensions of the shelves correspond directly to the respective Elm model. Nevertheless, they are also stand-alone items which make a splendid addition to Elm anywhere in the room, and are available in two widths. >> more information